Create 3D experiences on the go

Simplifying Collaboration and Prototyping across teams with a 3D Model Visualiser that helps you visualise your designs in VR, AR and Hologram leading to efficiency gain in Design, Execution, Training, Sales and Marketing.

3 Step Process

Create 3D Expreinces in less than 5 minutes


Upload 3D models in .gltf, .glb, .ifc(2x3), .dae, .fbx


Customise, accomodate on 3D models and Visualize it in AR/VR/Hologram.


Publish, Share, & embed it anywhere with just a single link/QR Code.

360° Marketing

  • Create attractive ad Campaigns in AR and spread the word with all new 360° Marketing tool.

  • Add more profoundness to your offerings and make every jaw drop!

Live Accomodation

  • Upload 3D Designs and let your peers Visualize them in AR and Customize it for a better and more personalized experience.

  • Share a single weblink and collaborate with your peers to make high-quality 3D designs under 5 minutes with Melzo Udyog


Try Before You Buy

Offer real-time AR experiences of 3D models for home appliances, industrial machines and interior designs so that your customer can preview products from home.


  • Create AR and VR experiences of all the living and non-living things

  • From Human Anatomy, extinct animals, complex 3D machinery to solar systems and different galaxies, make the learning process fun with Melzo Udyog.

Optimum Engagement

  • Engage your Customers by offering AR experiences and letting your designs speak for themselves.

  • 68% Of the Consumers say they would spend more time at a retailer if they could shop in AR.

  • 55% Of them say AR makes shopping fun.

Priority one: The clients

Let the clients decide what they require and incoperate those abstracts easily into 3D modelling through Melzo Udyog.

this slowpoke moves

Instant Creation

Visualize 3D models and prototypes in AR, Customize them based on your needs, and create unlimited high-quality 3D projects within a matter of minutes.

Awaken the latent designer in you!

Industrial Training

  • Train employees by leveraging detailed visualization of intricate 3D machine elements in AR, VR, and Hologram.

  • Measure the dimensions, and change the characteristics of the 3D model like metalness, roughness, and more with Melzo Udyog.

3D Interior

  • Create AR aided experiences of your 3D designs and share them with your clients to give them more personalized, real-time experiences.

  • With the all-new "Step in" feature, your prospects can actually explore the property and never miss a single detail of it.

Designing From Scratch

  • Choose 3D designs from the ultimate 3D model library or add models from anywhere to your personal 3D library.

  • Yes! detail everything from scratch.



Businesses and creators engaged with


Views across


Immersive and interactive expriences

Using Melzo


Purposefully designed with the latest features

Virtual Reality/WebVR

Create 360° VR Experiences to review designs and integrate with prototypes.

Augmented Reality/WebAR

Use Real-time AR to view products in your own space.

3D Library

Get access to High Quality 3D Models for different sectors.

Distance Measurement

In-scene measurement options for calculating dimensions of the 3D models.

On-the-Web Experiences

No downloads, installations or plugins required. Create VR, AR & Holographic displays on the web itself.

3D Holographic Projection

Voice and Gesture based interactive 3D Holograpghic Visuals.

Surface Detection

Smart AI based Surface detection for seamless AR Experiences.

Unlimited Users

Communicate with your entire team anytime, anywhere.

Model Support

Supports multiple file formats for model uploads.

Configure + Customize

User friendly model configuration with options to change model colours, set gravity, remove layers, adjust position, etc.

Simplified Sharing

Single Link for VR, AR, & Holograms

Compatible across all Devices

Multi-platform i0S, Android, Vive, Rift, Quest, Windows

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Simple And Flexible Pricing

No Credit Card Required
Sign Up under 22 Seconds



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Frequently Asked Questions.

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How does handle my privacy?

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